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Open: Not Just Another Book on Revelation - Volume 3

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This world is in a constant state of change, each one leading us closer to the fulfillment of the great Revelation of Jesus Christ. There is no better time to understand the prophecy than right now, and there is never a bad time to glean from the life lessons and encouragement laced throughout. Volume 2 ended with the final set of seven judgments prophesied to come upon the earth following the rapture of the church. Volume 3 explores the phenomenal vision of the great whore of Babylon and the beast that carries her. The world will then mourn the total destruction of Babylon itself. Is reference to ancient city no more than symbolism, or is it? Visions of the end of days seen by the Nebuchadnezzar and the Prophet Daniel are also included along with easy to understand interpretations and summaries to weave these complex prophecies together into one tapestry of the final days as we know them. Destruction on earth is interrupted by the greatest celebration ever, the marriage supper of the Lamb. A celebration you for sure don’t want to miss. But then, Volume 3 closes with more death and doom as you read what the Bible has to say about the infamous Battle of Armageddon. Vivid imagery and graphic detail make this a most interesting volume. For personal use or group Bible study, OPEN, Not Just Another Book on Revelation will illuminate the decreed end to this age so it can be understood and so we can all be prepared.

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