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God and the Squirrels

Length: 116 pages1 hour


Introducing the very first “bizarre fiction” by author T.K. Wade! Robert was a simple insurance salesman who’s life did not really amount to much. He hated his job and spent his days wallowing in self-pity. One day, Robert tried to run a squirrel over with his car in anger, but to God, that was the last straw. The man had to be punished, and by punishment, he would be turned into a squirrel and sent to a cutesy cartoon squirrel village until he would learn his lesson.

“God and the Squirrels” by T.K. Wade is overflowing with fun and comedy throughout. It is filled with hilarious characters and, perhaps, a few villains. As a work of “bizarro fiction,” it attempts to make the absurd more plausible and ultimately become a joyful and sometimes a heartwarming experience. Prepare to get squirrely!

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