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The Half-breed & Soiled Dove

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In 1866, spring arrived early for the small town of Spindle Top, Texas, and twenty-two year old Johanna O’Riley wasn't at all prepared for what it brought with it. Her homestead was usually a safe and quiet haven for her family, but on one fateful morning, the tranquility and peacefulness was shattered by the loud sounds of gunshots and her Ma’s horrific screams.
In her blood soaked dress she laid her entire family to rest. The anger inside her grew with each and every shovel of dirt she threw on them. When Johanna finished, she stood on that hill top over-looking the three freshly dug graves and vowed to get revenge on the outlaws who took her family from her.
She was willing to do anything to keep it, including dressing as a man to get it done, but the one thing she didn't count on, was the beautiful Isabella entering her life.

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