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Theriac, A Short Story

Theriac, A Short Story

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Theriac, A Short Story

4.5/5 (2 ratings)
37 pages
29 minutes
Dec 14, 2014


In the small town of Dorf, Wisconsin, a shy, damaged seer named Callie McCallister struggles with a frightening mission -- a mysterious half-demon child must eat a "Sweet-'n-Salty Rudolph" Christmas cookie in her presence, or all will not be right with the world.

"Theriac" is a short story in the Emanations series, the first book of which (Nolander) is available for free from this ebook retailer.

Dec 14, 2014

About the author

Becca Mills teaches writing at a university in California. She has loved fantasy since, at age seven, she listened to her father read Tolkien aloud. The first two books of Becca's Emanations series are now available: Nolander and Solatium. She’d love to hear your comments. You can find her on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/bccamlls) or through her website (http://the-active-voice.com/contact-me/). If you’d like to be alerted when Becca publishes new works of fiction, you can add yourself to her mailing list, which is super-duper 100%-guaranteed spam-free (honest!): http://the-active-voice.com/beccas-books/ The third novel in the Emanations series, tentatively titled Isolate, is forthcoming in 2016. A free short story in the Emanations series, “Theriac,” will be available in late 2014.

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Theriac, A Short Story - Becca Mills

Theriac cover image


a short story in the Emanations Series

(set between Solatium and Isolate)

Becca Mills


Callie wanted to wipe away the drip on the end of her nose, but Suzanne was right there — just two steps away. If Callie wiped, Suzanne would see. If she didn’t wipe, Suzanne might not notice. Surely she was talking too fast to notice.

Now, you may not know that Archie Davidman’s been plowing Pastor Ezra’s driveway as a courtesy since before Kingston was born, Suzanne was saying. Just as a courtesy, you understand — Archie never would take a cent for it. But now that Kingston has the new business, Pastor Ezra says we should all be supporting him. He told the Interfaith Reading Group — d’you go to that? No? Well, he told them they should all be supporting Kingston. But here’s the thing, the pastor himself never …

The drip fell. There was no break in Suzanne’s rapid-fire patter, but Callie saw her eyes dart down, following its progress.

But then again, Suzanne was saying, there’s the baby to consider. I know the pastor …

Callie’s eyes suddenly felt wet, despite the dry air. She blinked hard. How silly to cry over such a small embarrassment.

I’m just tired, she thought.

She went ahead and wiped her nose on the back of one of her thick wool gloves. That was better.

And do you know, Suzanne was saying, that Carly never stopped smoking the entire time? Why, in this day and age …

Callie saw movement behind Suzanne. It was Twanda Sullivan, and she was headed toward the movie-return slot. Callie murmured an apology to Suzanne and hurried over to intercept the other woman.

Hi, Twanda.

Twanda startled. Oh. Callie. Hi. She stopped, but her eyes strayed over Callie’s left shoulder. She wanted that return slot.

Callie glanced down at the DVD box Twanda was holding. Bride Wars. She hadn’t seen it, but that was no surprise. Most of the movies she watched were older ones.

She nodded at the box. Did you like it?

Twanda shrugged. It was okay. Hey, listen Callie —

I know Big Screen is a great resource for the community, Callie cut in, "with a lot of great movies like Bride Wars, but I really think they should be a little

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