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Orphan Suzie Heading West For Love (A Christian Romance With Scriptures) - Tara McGinnis

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Orphan Suzie Heading West For Love


Tara McGinnis

Copyright 2014 Quietly Blessed & Loved Press

Smashwords Edition

Synopsis: Taking only her quilt and a bible, an orphan heads west to a new life after her

newly found family sends for her. She will also have another surprise waiting; a possible husband that her mother and father have rounded up. One problem: She met someone on the train that she wants to marry.

In reality, unlike most people, I did not have a family. At least, not a family in the conventional sense. Somewhere among the millions of humans who inhabited the Earth, it was certain that my DNA would match up to two of them, either alive or departed, but for the present, I was without a family. I was an orphan and had been raised as such in a shelter for kids like me.

But, I’m not complaining about my status, quite the contrary. I was raised by good people who taught me about living a life based on God and the Bible. It was fate that no one ever wanted to adopt me, and there were plenty of other children in the same boat, so we formed our own little families that often changed members for whatever reason, but we were still family.

Even so, I still had the urge to meet my parents, if for no other reason, just to ask them why they had abandoned me. There are no grudges, just a yearning for the truth so I could put that matter to rest in my mind. The Good Book says that truth will set you free, and I longed to be set free from that curiosity. I figured the two people that made me might get some peace of mind in the process. My intentions were good, and I prayed earnestly that they would be fulfilled. One day, some how.

When I graduated from high school, it was time for me to leave the orphanage and venture out on my own. They didn’t kick me out, but the administration quickly rented a house near the shelter for me and set me on the path to independence. The only down side for me was that it was all in New York City, the most overpopulated place in America and a great and frightening city, all in one.

The city represented two completely different worlds. The population was made up of every human kind imaginable, from the rich and powerful to thieves and murderers. Even so, there was a commonality among them all: They were drifting farther and farther from God every day of the week. It was obvious in their desire for material things instead of spiritual things. But, I was lucky enough to rise above all this, because I had found a church where people thought as I did and the preacher taught the things that were important in my life.

My house was a quaint little place with ample yard space in the front and back. I planted lots of flowers in the front and a huge vegetable garden in the back, which turned out to be my only source of income - selling fresh vegetables to gardening-green people who believed in eating healthy but didn’t know how to sustain themselves. I learned how to do it in the shelter - life skills, they called it. I called it child slavery.

By some standards, I guess people would call me a hermit. I liked being alone, even at twenty-five years old. I spent my time in the gardens, reading, cleaning or studying the Good Book. I felt my life represented exactly what God