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Blame Me Not

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Personal Accountability - Blame Me Not is all about
accountability; personal accountability as well as
professional accountability. Blame is a worthless
concept but the lack of accountability in today’s
world is evidenced by the lack of accountability
in the workplace as well as people not taking
responsibilities for their actions! Blame Me Not
is a book that gets you to think. It is short and
low cost but don’t let the size or cost fool you.
It is designed to be read in one sitting and then
allows you to sit back and give it a good “think”.
As accountability dies, blame rears its ugly head
and causes the blamer anxiety and stress. You need
to read this book! In it lie the answers to many
people’s problems. It contains personal accountability
training and personal accountability exercises. It
defines what is personal accountability. It also
defines what is accountability in general. Fix the
problem and not the blame!

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