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Prime Theory
Prime Theory
Prime Theory
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Prime Theory

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About this ebook

There are no more mysteries! The deepest secrets of physical nature are now completely revealed! Did you ever wonder how everything came into existence? What is matter made of? What are, in fact, space and time, and why do elementary particles interact? And the one I like most: what is gravity and how does it exert its force throughout the Universe?
Look no further: all the answers to these "big" questions are right here, put as simply as possible. No more hiding behind formulas and theories only a few can understand: now the naked truth comes in simple words that can easily describe our complex reality. This original, fascinating, paradigm-shifting theory unifies all of nature's fundamental forces into a single interaction, whose mechanics is based on space granularity - the only intrinsic characteristic of space physicists always avoided considering.
The granular fabric of space actually makes possible the existence of matter and its continuous motion, which embeds relativity as a governing rule. Starting from these basic premises, simple kinematics equations were figured out to easily explain the concepts of mass, field, electric charge and even the photon. Moreover, they are logically connected to well known principles and laws of physics. The true nature of reality and the real sense of all things are now unfolded at any scale.
This innovative vision also allows a deeper perspective over the Universe evolution since the beginning of time, which includes a mind-blowing hypothesis on its birth and a dark prediction for its future.

Release dateFeb 18, 2015
Prime Theory
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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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    Book preview

    Prime Theory - Laurentiu Mihaescu


    Prime Theory

    Laurentiu Mihaescu

    All of nature's forces in a single theory!


    Sixth edition, March 2020

    English translation: Laurentiu Mihaescu

    Revision: Doina Lereanu

    Copyright © 2014, 2015 by Laurentiu Mihaescu. All rights reserved.

    The copyright law protects this digital book, which is intended for personal use only. You may display its content on a computer screen or on a compatible reading device. Any reproduction, printing, lending, exchanging, or trading, including distribution in any form over the Internet or in print is strictly forbidden.

    Premius Publishing, 2015, www.premius.ro

    ISBN 978-606-93843-4-3


    Why this theory?

    Because we still do not have a unified and complete theory of the Universe at this moment.

    Because it is not reasonable to believe that interactions simply propagate through space and exert some influence at a distance, without the presence of an intermediary agent.

    Because the actual physics does not offer coherent explanations or theories of mass, gravity, electric charge, fields and elementary particles.

    Because the Theory of Relativity (Einstein) alone cannot create the whole foundation of the physics domain.

    Because the modern Standard Model of particle physics is incomplete, very abstract and it does not explain some basic concepts and principles.

    In our time, with all the large particle accelerators and the unprecedented evolution of science in general, a complete model of the reality we are facing is still not available. Complex theories are describing the phenomena, the fields and the interactions. Vast quantities of experimental data and scientific observations accumulate, but they still do not reach the critical level needed to make qualitative improvements in explaining the elementary notions used by these theories. However, no philosophical, mathematical or any other form of barrier can stop us from discovering everything, because our thinking powers, our sense, logic and technology are continuously growing and developing. This means we are evolving every day and will eventually overcome all potential obstacles.

    Any experimental limitations, any principles or theorems that deny our possibility to fully understand the closed system named Universe may be surpassed by the human crea