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The Epistles of John and Jude

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This is a devotional commentary on the Letters of John and Jude.

John was a fisherman by profession and had come from of family of some wealth. He left this trade, however, to follow Jesus. He writes his first letter to help people to know they had eternal life in the Lord Jesus. He sets out a series of tests to help the reader determine if they faith they profess is genuine. In John's second letter he writes to warn the church of the dangers of some false teaching in their midst. His third letter addressed a very practical problem with an individual in the church who was causing division.

Jude, also was a disciple of the Lord. He writes his letter as John did to address some false teaching in the church. He has some very strong words to say about these false teachers who were seeking to corrupt the purity of the doctrine passed on by the Lord Jesus.

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