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Gadzooka Vs Sushima

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‘Why, Murdoch, who else would do such a terrible thing as destroy Tokyo and put a halt to industry and the simple, day to day, corporate existence of the selfless and incredibly hard working Japanese citizen, who only asks for his bowl of rice and some nice sushi and the safety of his happy family, consisting of his beautiful wife and two point three, happy, innocent children, than the evil Gadzooka? —the devil that he is.’

What would the world be without the 1960s Japanese robotic monster? Umm. . . quite peaceful, probably.
Join Murdoch as he attempts to save Tokyo by unleashing the wonderful, benevolent, child-loving Sushima on the evil Gadzooka in a battle of robotic monsters.

This satirical story is written in the tradition of B-Grade stories, complete with all the stereotypes, creativity and effects – flaws and all.
The characters are purely fictitious. Any similarities with any person, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.
The story is not meant to offend. If you may be offended, please don’t download it.

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