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Over The Front In An Aeroplane, And Scenes Inside The French And Flemish Trenches [Illustrated Edition]

141 pages1 hour


Includes 16 photographs of the author and the planes in which he flew in.
Perhaps the most influential journalist of his generation, Ralph Pulitzer was heir to a vast fortune and a publishing empire that rivalled even the Hearst organisation in the early years of the Twentieth Century. As Europe descended into the vicious fighting of the First World War, the American giant across the Atlantic was courted by the Allies to throw off her isolationist policy and join the Allied cause. As part of this political and propaganda offensive the French authorities decided to invite Mr Pulitzer on an aerial tour of the Frontlines, providing him unprecedented access to the view of the conflict from the skies above. Shortly after his whirlwind tour of the French frontlines, the author penned this book about his experiences of the trenches, men and fighting carried on the Western Front; to critical acclaim.

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