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Prophecies Fulfilled: Joshua to Chronicles

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Having gone through a number of studies on the prophecies Jesus fulfilled in the first book, patterns emerged and lessons built one upon another. Simple study processes such as searching New Testament texts to find the fulfillment of a prophecy are covered, explained, and practiced in this book. Prophecies introduce and identify symbols. New Testament texts explain the spiritual meaning of each symbol. Every series of lessons adds new study techniques taught by scripture. Lessons show how study involves more than comparing a few texts to reveal a lesson. Scripture shows how entire chapters can be compared. Learn simple rules of context to match parallel chapters to unlocked details in messages not previously seen. These lessons proved so deep it left me in awe as I saw details in the Bible only God could have placed there. This book explains the process showing how the Bible reveals its own study rules in plain simple English everyone should be able to apply to their own studies.

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