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Regain Your Power

Regain Your Power

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Regain Your Power

110 pages
1 hour
Jan 12, 2015


In this book, motivational speaker and transformational coach Brenda Tan provides simple, practical and effective approaches to empower you, help you to strengthen your relationships with loved ones and improve your ability to communicate effectively.

Eight reasons how this book can benefit you:

1. Understand yourself deeper and why what makes you special is the secret!
2. Improve the balance in your work and life.
3. Strengthen the bonds with your family and loved ones.
4. Feel self-empowered and stop succumbing to the pressure of others.
5. Be authentic, true to yourself and loved by others.
6. Find inspiration and happiness in your life.
7. Learn about the path Brenda took that eventually led her to happiness, and the lessons she learnt along the way.
8. Gift this to someone who needs to end self-sabotage.

Let Brenda give your life self-empowerment, revolutionize your personal and professional life with her life-affirming lessons.

Jan 12, 2015

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Book Preview

Regain Your Power - Brenda Tan

Advance Praise for Regain Your Power

Brenda Tan is one of those extraordinary people who even when successful in one area of life will boldly move forward to follow her heart and fulfill her dreams. She inspires and guides those who she touches and Regain Your Power gives us all ways we too can live fully and follow our dreams. Thank you Brenda.

– Bruce Wilson, Certified Master Business Coach, New Zealand

Brenda is a wonderful teacher, and this book communicates many important life-changing lessons for those who are looking for happiness and completion. Regain Your Power covers all the major emotional challenges that we go through in life, and offers explanations and uplifting messages meant to clear emotional blockage(s) of the reader. Brenda also includes exercises for the reader to go within for a journey of self discovery. This is a concise life manual, I wish I could have read this 20 years ago!

– Olivia Choong, Co-founder of Green Drinks Singapore and Green PR

This book can save many relationships at breaking point. Couples should read it! Insightful, profound and a source of guide to those who want to have empowering relationships and success!

– Pamelina Siow, Founder of ThinkSpace

The genius of this book is in how Brenda brings thought provoking personal anecdotes together with invaluable exercises which help readers immediately internalize information and apply learning. She breaks material into short, easily comprehensible chunks designed to push the reader to swiftly deepen personal understanding while revealing the tremendous power individuals actually wield in determining their own health, wealth and personal happiness. Inspiring and empowering, great to the last page.

– Marshall St. Louis, General Manager, IBM Financing ASEAN Region

This book is very revealing, highlighting the challenges we face in relationships, health, work and money. A wonderful book that distills pearls of wisdom with simple and effective approach towards being the YOU we always wanted to be!

– Bruce Campbell, Director of Entrepreneurial Business School, Australia

I have known Brenda for a few years and have come to recognize and admire her for consistently reaching new heights and being a great role model for others to take risks and take that road less traveled. She has written a wonderful piece here, full of anecdotes, stories and life experiences which will evidently cause shifts in many lives. This book is a great testimony to the challenges she faced as a kid and how she weathered all of them to eventually turn out into the lovely person that she is. Congrats Brenda!!

– Dr Granville D’Souza, Author of EQ From the Inside Out, Unshakeable Spirit and The EQ Leader

Empowering! Women who are trying to keep their own life from becoming a soap opera should read this. Friends should read together and support one another with the simple approaches and effective exercises!

– Charlene Tan, Co-founder of M Serviced Offices

The lessons, ideas, stories and thought-provoking questions in this book will guide you to Regain Your Power so that you can live your life fully, honestly and without regret.

– Nishant Kasibhatla, Guinness Record Holder (2011), Grand Master of Memory and Author of Maximise Your Memory Power

Being somebody who has transformed myself from an oft-bullied wallflower in school to a professional speaker and coach, I can attest to the saying that we must first do the inner work necessary to change ourselves first, and Brenda Tan was able to bring this message masterfully to readers through her simple yet heartcentric style of writing. Everyone of us can relate to the relevant anecdotes and powerful lessons shared vicariously through the stories of others. A must-read for anyone who wants to improve his/her quality of life!

– Coen Tan, Speaker, Trainer and Author, Founder of Ministry of Influence

This book has helped me reflect upon my actions and make meaningful changes to enhance my thoughts, attitude and perspectives. It is true gold.

– Khyla Raman, Assistant Manager, NTUC Learning Hub








Copyright © 2014 by Brenda Tan

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior permission of the Author, nor be otherwise circulated in any form of binding or cover other than that in which it is published and without a similar condition being imposed on the subsequent purchaser.

First printing: 2014

ISBN 978-981-07-9894-9

E-ISBN 978-981-4645-88-1

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Having failed English back at school, I never thought that I would be an author today. This was made possible by all the wonderful people who have supported my work.

I offer this book in deepest gratitude to the highest power, for gifting this journey of profound lessons and amazing experiences to me. Thank you for the gift of life.

I would like to dedicate this book to my ever-supportive family and to my wonderful mentors Joel Bauer and Chuck Mellon, who ignited light into my life and showed me what is possible.

To my dearest friends Olivia Choong and Khyla Raman who were my pillars of strength. You both gave me unconditional love, motivation and valuable inputs. Thank you for making my journey a lot more fun!

I thank all my clients whom I had worked with. Thank you for giving me the honor and privilege in serving and learning

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