A Love for You

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A Love for You

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars0/5 ( ratings)
Length: 284 pages4 hours


After a disaster of a marriage, Gwyn wonders if she'll ever find love. The kind of love she wants. All consuming, passionate love. Once she had that kind of love, but was left alone and brokenhearted. Now almost 20 years later the love that she lost is back in her life. She wonders if she's worthy of his love and attention. Many years have passed, she's had a child, and things don't hang the way they once did. Can she take the leap into a relationship with a man that she still fantasizes about? Will he still be attracted to her after so long, so many changes? Can she tame her self doubts and allow herself the happiness she deserves? She knows one thing, she may not be the same woman she was so long ago, but she's older and wiser and knows that she can't let this man slip through her fingers again.

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