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Why You Are Greedy

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Consumerism - Why You Are Greedy is an epic selling book dealing with the personal human trait of greed. It speaks directly to the terms greedy, greed in consumerism, the meaning of greedy, the greedy method, the dictionary definition of greedy, greedy greedy, and the greedy approach. It delves into your mind and provides the reasons behind your action/behavior/conduct caused by selfishness and greed but it doesn’t leave you hanging. It also shows you how to change your life and behavioral patterns. This book is an adventure into your mind and what it reveals may be quite startling and painful at first. But once you learn what is behind your actions and conduct as well as others, the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place. Written by one of the nation’s leading behavioral scientists, Dr. Leland Benton is the author of over two dozen self-help books and nonfiction behavioral science texts. He is a best-selling Amazon author with over 200-books published on Amazon alone. You need to read this book. It is the second book of Dr. Benton’s “Why” series of books.

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