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A Primer on Another Infrasovereign Religion

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Why a series of primers?
These primers provide in depth coverage of the nested form constructs in the book: How to Define the Word “Religion”.
Primers 1 and 2 developed the category-based nested forms discussed in “the meaning underlying the word ‘religion’”.
The next several primers address “the presence underlying the word ‘religion’”. This presence can be appreciated through a fully differentiated model of “humans in our current Lebenswelt”. Humans exist in society. Humans organize. Human live as individuals in community. Each of these modes of existence relate to one another as a nested form:
Society( Organization( potential of Individual in Community))
Primer 3 diagrams the individual in community. Primers 4 and 5 present the organization tier. Primer 6 introduces the institution level of the society tier, starting with an example, the family. Primer 7 reviews How Institutions Think (1986) by British anthropologist Mary Douglas. Primer 8 presents the idea of an infrasovereign religion, using a contemporary political movement as an example. Primer 9 discusses the classical political philosophy of Leo Strauss. Primer 10 reveals the entire society tier interscope along with concepts by Rene Girard.

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