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Pearls from the Heart

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“Pearls from the Heart” is a book that offers loving and compassionate guidance to living with greater consciousness. For times when life is difficult to manage, when anger, frustration, grief or fear overwhelm you to the point where you may find yourself powerless to act, this book offers shining pathways that will gently but firmly guide you out of confusion, reconnecting you with yourself and enabling you to embrace your life in a deeply accepting and loving way.

Sa Silvano offers insights and wisdom gained through the experiences and lessons of her own personal healing journey, as well as through her work of assisting many others. “Pearls from the Heart” is truly a guide to living consciously, and offers the reader many gifts of healing, transformation, inspiration and awakening.

“I can feel Sa’s heart in every page.  This book emphasizes how wonderful every bit of our life truly is, no matter how painful, messy or weird it can sometimes get. How we can turn a crisis or grief into an awakening and growth.

I see this book being used to set a positive frame of mind for the day and as beautiful reminders of inspiration to be in alignment with our own essence.”

Enza Vita – Publisher and editor of “InnerSelf Newspaper”, author of “Always Already Free”.

“The underlying feeling of Sa’s words is like a fragrance permeating the entire work.  The power of this book is that delightful fragrance, that is Sa’s essence, her spiritual connection. There is so much depth of wisdom in this work, yet delivered in such a simple and delightful way.”

Azriel Re’Shel – Writer, co-author, journalist and producer

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