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Adventures in Consciousness

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Adventures in Consciousness

Length: 55 pages32 minutes


Astral-tourism at its finest! Take a vicarious journey with the author to alternate dimensions where healing, personal epiphanies, past-life jaunts, visits with "dead" loved ones, and kick-ass higher guidance abound.

When it comes to consciousness, we normally assume there are but a few options: ordinary waking consciousness, sleep, unconsciousness such as in a coma state, and perhaps the subconscious as accessed during hypnosis. Yet, there is more, so much more, to explore! Travel vicariously with the author to the unique and wonderful Monroe Institute in Virginia, where powerful sound technology and well-crafted week-long meditation programs facilitate personal healing and revelations about the very nature of our existence. Colorful, detailed depictions bring these alternate states of consciousness and the Institute and its participants right into your favorite reading room.

PLEASE NOTE: This mini-memoir is a real-life account of the author's personal experiences. Your own experiences with Monroe programs and hemi-sync technology (or any such woo-woo) are bound to vary. Each of us walks a custom path in this life.

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