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Buffalo Falls: a western novel

117 pages2 hours


Northern Texas, July, 1878: ex-cavalrymen Amos Kane and Luke Fisher end a hard, three-day ride when they reach the frontier town of Buffalo Falls. The town is a busy railroad spur where cattle are shipped north and where cowmen get paid and take a few day’s break before returning south. Within weeks, Buffalo Falls will receive two large cattle drives, and the Farmer’s Mercantile Bank in the town is expecting an unusually large and secret cash shipment: 50, 000 dollars.

Amos Kane and Luke Fisher arrive in the town hoping to get taken on as drovers, but are offered the positions of marshal and deputy marshal instead. They accept, and expect the worst of their troubles will be keeping the peace when drunken drovers get a little rambunctious. They’re unaware, however, that a gang of ruthless outlaws led by Everett and Jeb Stark know about the payroll delivery. The Starks and their gang arrive in Buffalo Falls pretending to be ranchers heading south. Many of the town’s citizens believe their story, including pretty Sophia McLehose, who forms a romantic attachment with Everett Stark.

Amos Kane and Luke Fisher suspect the Starks soon after they have a run-in with one of the gang. Before long, they discover the real reason for the outlaws’ visit and the stage is set for violent confrontation. Can Kane and Fisher thwart Stark’s plans to steal the money? Or will the gang succeed and make good their escape? Buffalo Falls is a gripping action-filled Western that holds your attention from beginning to end.

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