The Trusted

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The Trusted

Length: 57 pages1 hour


 If You Were A Convict Running From The Law, Who Would YOU TRUST?

Rick Reed is a convict on the run from the law. He's been convicted for committing over two dozen homicides, and he just escaped facing the death penalty. With the help of his sexy girlfriend, Keisha, Rick is well on his way to Mexico, trekking from back road to back road. Things quickly go awry when Rick and Keisha lose their wheels and find themselves in the middle of nowhere in the strange, country town, Stony Creek. Stony Creek is a virtual ghost town with only one family remaining, the Havertys, and the secret this family holds could spell disaster for Rick and Keisha.
Rod Cornelius is the author of the urban novel Single Again, Diggin' Gold & Ugly.

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