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The Use of Words

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What is the use of words?

When this world is polluted with an abundance of information: verbiage ladled like molten lead into my eyes and ears? When the most ready and available knowledge is stripped down from vowels and consonants to a formula of 1s and 0s, converted into light and flashed faster than thought through wires like veins, pumped from a heart unknown?

What is the use of words?

When I am educated just enough to know how stupid and weak I am, how impotent, how evanescent, how inconsequential? When history looms ever taller behind, casting its dark knowing shadow over and beyond?

What is the use of words?

When they are spoken and carried off with the wind? Written and destroyed in the fires of Alexandria? Thought and forgotten by the very one who first conceived them?

So, again, what is the use of words?

I was told that God himself spoke existence into being using his words. He intoned the particles of the universe and strung them around the unseen branches of matter like Christmas lights. He cupped dust into his palms and breathed a word sans voice. He named this walking, talking earth “man” and “woman”; commanding them to do as he did and name a world they did not create: dust naming dust.

This unvoiced word reverberates still within my heart and my mind, searching for that proper mode of expression.

What a burden to bear for man, with the spirit of God and body like a beast! With all that has been said, all the songs that have been sung, all of the thoughts thought and questions asked...

What is the use of words?

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