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Closed Doors (Beyond Happily Ever After) - Kit Rocha

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Beyond Happily Ever After

Closed Doors

Before You Leave Sector Four

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Caution: this story is not meant to stand alone. The Beyond Happily Ever After stories are vignettes and outtakes showing the O'Kanes in their daily lives, in between the adventures and often after their happy endings. These stories were written exclusively for readers and fans of the series, and will probably not make very much sense to anyone not familiar with the characters. The stories are also available for free at

If you know all of that and bought this story anyway...thank you for your support! 


The O'Kanes are growing more powerful by the month, but Dallas is the one who has to work to keep them all safe. Luckily this King has a Queen who knows when he needs a night off from responsibility--and Noelle and Jasper are willing to let him be as selfish as he wants. Sometimes you can only let down your guard behind closed doors.

Length: 6,750 words

Characters: Dallas, Lex, Noelle & Jasper

Timeline: Set between Beyond Innocence and Beyond Ruin

Closed Doors

Mia and Noelle had been in his office again.

Dallas glared into the empty drawer in the file cabinet and—not for the first time—regretted giving Noelle a key. Every damn time he crossed the threshold these days, something was new.

New and improved, he muttered, snapping the drawer shut. Not that he relished the idea of digging through stacks of paperwork to find information on petty bureaucrats. He probably would have given up and used their goddamn database anyway, just so he'd have a chance of sleeping before dawn.

Now he didn't have a choice. They'd taken it from him.

The door popped open just far enough for Jasper to stick his head inside. Got a minute?

Only if you can make your girlfriend give my files back. Great, now he just sounded petulant. Sighing, Dallas dropped into his chair and rubbed a hand over his face. What do you need?

I have a message for— Jas stopped and