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The Dream Eater

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In a place like Bauwen’s Pub, you never know what kind of unusual characters might walk in. This hole in the wall bar caters to the Unseen – creatures from folklore, forgotten deities, and all sorts of fantastic critters. It’s a place cloaked in old magic that can’t be found unless you already know where to find it. I live upstairs and tend bar most nights to cover the rent. My name’s Quinn. 

What’s my story? My father was a lonely rancher from down south and my mother was a jezebel from WAY down south if you catch my meaning. No horns, no tail, but I have been known to be a smooth talker and a sucker for a sad story. It takes a lot to catch me off guard, but seeing an old flame for the first time in years does the trick. 

The good thing about Bauwen’s Pub is that we specialize in the unusual. Otherwise a nun walking into a bar full of creatures that go bump in the night would seem a bit… weird. Around here we call it Tuesday.

Prelude to the Brimstone & Bourbon series.

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