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Hollywood Detectives

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DREAM MERCHANTS. Los Angeles is an overpopulated city with crazy people. A land of make believe. It’s the wild west of freeways where motorists shoot each other. It’s all here in the land of Milk and Honey --- sunny beaches, orange groves, and palm trees. But like any other major city Los Angeles has its problems. Years ago Mickey Cohen ruled the City of Angels. Cohen was convicted of tax evasion and sent up the river and it created a vacuum to be filled by today’s gangsters: The movie industry is the prime target because Organized Crime controls the Hollywood Unions which gives them a stranglehold on the Movie Studios. The gangsters are back in the City of Angels and it’s up to James Blake ---- the Sherlock Homes Detective to run the gangsters out of Los Angeles.
DIAMONDS. An aristocratic, Thomas Clydesdale, is found murdered in his study locked from the inside. Also missing from the safe is the 35.56-carat Green Diamond valued at 100 millions dollars. Henrietta Clydesdale hires James Blake to find her husband’s killer and recover the Green Diamond. The twist is Henrietta Clydesdale had taken the Green Diamond from the safe. She flies to Antwerp Belgium to auction off her collection of jewels. 84% of the world's rough diamonds pass through Antwerp. 16 billion dollars yearly. Clydesdale’s insurance company is afraid she will disfigure the Green Diamond. They offer Blake one million dollars to follow Clydesdale and safeguard the diamond.
THE ACCUSED. Aaron Roberts had been a famous personality in Hollywood Land –until 29 women accused Roberts of rape. Roberts refused to defend himself or dignify the accusations. Then two of the women are murdered and the finger of guilt is pointed at Roberts. The studio boss, Joseph Gronkowski, hires James Blake to find the killer and discredit the remaining women.

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