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On the eve of Daniel Vines’ graduation from high school, he was more than ready to receive his Princeton college fund inheritance from his mega-wealthy grandmother. His spoiled and egotistical ways had gained him many of life’s pleasures as he plodded away through life in high school, and now he was poised and ready for life to continue as it had for years, much like his pampered family had lived for decades. Money had made a mockery of this family, and young Daniel was no exception to the rule. He stood in line with the same arrogance as his parents and siblings before him.
With a handwritten document from the deceased family patriarch, Ms. Julia Vines, young Daniel sets out on a journey to check off names on a list—all the while learning life in a way he had never imagined.
It was all so simple. Find a few people in the world and report back to the family stronghold, Rupert, an older black man destined to carry a certain family torch in reverence to the matriarch of a very rich and powerful coal-baron family tied deeply to America’s heart and soul in Washington, DC. Daniel was about to learn first-hand what the old gal was made of…and it wasn’t all sunshine and smiles. It was life bitten into pieces and parcels, digested by those willing to stare it in the eye.
Can young Daniel find his way through the labyrinth of odd-ball meetings and acquaintances? Will he make sense out of a decade-old list of names? Time will tell as he learns many valuable life lessons on his way to gaining his college tuition.
Good money and bad change hands in this playfully naughty story. This crazy train wreck of a tale will have you on the edge of your seat, wondering how it all comes together. Pop open a Heineken and join Master Daniel Vines as he learns many of life’s important lessons via a simple little hand-written note…penned by his grandmother long before she died. The first name on his list itched away at his brain. ... Who the Hell is Henry Blake?

Profanity, adult content. Fiction.
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