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Ready for the Rapture

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* Discover how the Rapture fits into End Times prophecy.
* Discover the differences between The Rapture, Resurrection, and Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
* Discover what events occur before The Rapture.

Understanding Bible Prophecy can be difficult. By examining End Time scriptures and doing an in depth analysis of specific End Time Bible prophecy scriptures in the books of Revelation, Matthew, Daniel, and Luke, the mystery of the Rapture is answered! This book makes the End Times simplified and provides revelations about the Rapture never discussed in other End Times books.

* Receive a clear understanding of how the Rapture will unfold.
* Understand how the Rapture, End times, antichrist, the end of days and Resurrection relate.
* Understand the relationship between death and the Resurrection.
* Learn how to prepare for the Rapture.
* Learn why you do not want to miss the Rapture.
* Use a checklist based on Bible scripture to determine if you are ready for the Rapture.

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