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Bad and Worse

235 pages3 hours


Assassin, Will Draike, enjoys an exciting life filled with travel, luxury and women. While on a “routine” assignment for a “routine” client, he is double-crossed and forced to make a tragic choice that threatens to change his life forever.
Fueled by his anger and thirst for revenge, Will vows to hunt down and eliminate the man responsible.
Facing, for the first time, a desperate and cunning adversary with vast financial resources, Will embarks on an international game of cat and mouse that pushes him to his limits. To further complicate things he makes the one mistake an assassin can never allow—he falls in love.
Now, with love in the air and danger on the horizon, Will is forced to evaluate his life choices for the sake of the woman he loves.
Can love save him from himself? Or will the life of a killer prevail?

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