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Rescued? By the Wolf: Riverford Shifters, #3

Rescued? By the Wolf: Riverford Shifters, #3

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Rescued? By the Wolf: Riverford Shifters, #3

4.5/5 (2 ratings)
76 pages
1 hour
Jun 10, 2015


This NOVELLA was originally released in the Shifters Gone Alpha Boxed set.

When Rogue lion shifter, Tori, jumps into the truck of an annoyingly hot wolf shifter she mistakes for human, lifelong hostilities and self-restraint are tested as they flee from the lions tasked by her clan's Alpha to drag her back to a fate worse than death.

Although a complete story set after Accepting the Jaguar, it can also be read as a standalone.
Contains mature content and language.

Jun 10, 2015

About the author

Cristina Rayne is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who lives in West Texas with her crazy cat and about a dozen bookcases full of fantasy worlds and steamy romances. She has a degree in Computer Science which totally qualifies her to write romances. As Fantasy is her first love, she feels if she can inject a little love into the fantastical, along with a few steamy scenes, then all the better. She is also the author of the Claimed by the Elven King, Claimed by the Elven Brothers, Incarnations of Myth, and The Vampire Underground series.

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Book Preview

Rescued? By the Wolf - Cristina Rayne

Chapter 1

The night was quiet and still in the surrounding neighborhood, not even a dog barking in the distance or the roar of a car engine. None of the locals walking about, either, but given that it was probably nearly midnight, Tori hadn’t really expected to see any. Without the occasionally illuminated window as she cautiously moved hidden among the shadows cast by the houses and trees, the area would have seemed like a ghost town.

If there were any living creatures nearby roaming the night, Tori imagined they were now frozen, holding their breath, maybe even shivering in terror. In a town this small, it wasn’t every day an apex predator such as she prowled its streets.

It also wasn’t every day a dangerous predator was hunted by something even more terrifying.

She sniffed the air. Yes, the scent of male lion was definitely stronger than it had been only ten minutes ago when she had first caught a whiff of it outside the small motel where she had planned to rest for the night. Damn. There was no doubt now that at least one of her three pursuers had entered the town. She had hoped that she had confused the trail back in Abilene, made them think she was headed south for one of the border towns along the Rio Grande, but maybe her skills had gotten a lot rustier than she had thought in the last year.

It was a mistake to come here.

She should have bypassed the town altogether and headed directly for the interstate. She was now close enough to either Riverford or Parker Grove that she could have afforded to go without sleep tonight in order to reach one of them by at least the morning.

Baring her teeth in anger, Tori adjusted the straps of her small, specially-made-for-shifting backpack over her shoulders just in case she had to shift in a hurry. She then stealthily prowled her way through the small cluster of homes towards the east and the hum of the interstate as fast as she dared.

A few minutes later, she passed the last house on the block, the wind blowing at her back lighting fire to her heels as the smell of lion that was carried along seemed to be strengthening. She paused only long enough to scent the air in all directions, noting that the smell of her pursuers at her back was now strong enough and, more alarmingly, close enough to tell that it was indeed two of the bastards. She couldn’t smell the third at all.

Cursing nastily in her mind, Tori darted across an alley into the back lot of a convenience store. The moment her feet hit the asphalt, a large shadow shot out from behind one of the two dumpsters along the back of the building, and Tori only had a split-second to realize her mistake before the now fully-visible lion leaped at her from only a few feet away.

An angry snarl that was halfway between human and beast sounded out into the night as Tori instinctually threw herself to the side, the muscles of her entire body rippling as she started to shift mid-air. The sound of fabric ripping reached her ears just as the side of her now larger body hit the pavement hard. Ignoring the flash of pain, she rolled once and while still in the process of shifting, scrambled to climb onto all fours in order to face her attacker.

The lion hit her head-on with all the power of a battering ram before Tori could completely regain her bearings. Her mouth instinctually snapped at the warmth in front of her as she and the lion went down in a tangle, her jaws locking onto a mass of his thick mane which unfortunately prevented her from reaching his throat properly.

Fire erupted along her left, front leg, and Tori released her grip on the mane with a roar of fury as she began to claw at her attacker’s back with both front paws. An answering roar followed, and the lion wrenched away just enough for her to wiggle out from beneath his larger body and give him a hard kick in the side with her hind legs.

Tori immediately lunged and snapped at his snout, and her attacker flinched back a couple more steps. However, rather than press her slight advantage, she turned and ran with everything she had in her back towards the alley.

The whole town had likely heard their roars. The second lion had yet to appear, and damned if she was going to stick around long enough for him to find them, not even for a chance to stop one of them for good.

She would run a few blocks, find some suitable cover, and shift back into her human form before trying to make it back to the interstate. She needed to be in human form if she hoped to hitch a ride because right now that was the only way she was going to put enough distance between herself and the three Retrievers to shake them off her trail again.

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