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Witch Trials Crimson Necrosis (Chapters 1-5)

174 pages2 hours


Imagine being torn from your home and your loved ones just because of an accusation, stripped of every freedom you once possessed. What if you were thought to be the cause to a deadly pandemic that laid the foundation for the anguish of millions? In this dystopian world, Adamis Katil is exiled from his home after being wrongfully accused of being a witch. As a result, he is banished to the wilderness left to dolor in his last days of life. But there is a single glimmer of hope; to travel to a land where his kind will be sheltered. Now, he must migrate to Liberatai City, the safe haven for the accused. But soon his discoveries on his journey will bring light to forbidden truths that he never expected. Discoveries of which he wished he had never encountered.

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