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Pirates: The Magic Library, #1

Length: 53 pages37 minutes


Myra and Kassy Cooper have moved into Lavender Hall with their parents to look after Gran. Myra and Kassy have discovered that the library inside Lavender Hall is magic. An evil witch is taking characters out of the books. She tricks them into entering tall stone towers. Once inside the tower, the characters forget who they are. The words from their books disappear and the world forgets about them.

Myra and Kassy have to save the characters, and their stories, before the magic library is lost forever.

Book 1 - Pirates

A flying book leads Myra and Kassy to a beach where they find a message in a bottle. They soon discover a magic cave which takes them to a band of pirates. The pirates have been tricked by The Witch Of A Thousand Towers and are stranded on the island.

Can Myra and Kassy help the pirates escape from the island?

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