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The K-Type

Length: 25 pages22 minutes


Zane just entered a dying city of party animals who all need his liver to survive, and he only brought eight bullets. The astute young man wanted to prove himself by exploring a land of r-strategists—a hedonistic society of wastrels who die by 35 from alcoholism. But when crude organ transplants let them party harder and longer, Zane’s trip becomes a battle to keep his liver lobes.

Now, Zane must escape thousands of hammered scammers who have lived off beer since birth. With their gene set isolated from Zane’s separatist K-society, they’ve evolved a craving for outsiders more powerful than any addiction. Any temperate man must donate—willingly or not. And when a girly gang of stake-wielding seductresses joins the organ hunt, can Zane survive their enticing tactics?

Get “The K-Type” now for an eyeful of the gene-war future and a bloody battle between the powerful and the parasitic.

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