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Wounded (A Pair of Mail Order Bride Romances)

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Emma & The Restoration of a Soldier (A Mail Order Bride Romance) - A woman with one hand goes west to a mail ordered husband that her father has arranged for her before he died. On the train she meets up with a group of Civil War injured soldiers and one special young man who becomes a friend. However, when she meets her husband for the first time he runs out as he looks at her beautifully carved hand replacement and she believes that she may never see him again. She starts a workshop where she and a craftsman build hands and legs for people in town who have lost limbs from the war or accidents. Her reputation spreads until one day, her husband shows up unexpectedly at her workshop while she is fitting a limb for her soldier friend.

Beth & the Wounded Warrior (A Mail Order Bride Romance) - A woman decides to go to Texas, along with her sister, to become the wife of a man with two children, who was injured in the Civil War. Her life is idyllic, but not for long.

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