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Born Of Fire: Prelude to the Prosperine Series: Prosperine, #0.5

Born Of Fire: Prelude to the Prosperine Series: Prosperine, #0.5

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Born Of Fire: Prelude to the Prosperine Series: Prosperine, #0.5

68 pages
58 minutes
Feb 26, 2016


AD2095—The Doomsday Clock Strikes Midnight

The theft of an ancient manuscript takes the world to the brink of destruction. Religious leaders are at each other's throats and governments seem powerless to stop the approaching apocalypse.

Born Of Fire is the prelude to Prosperine, an epic science fiction adventure series that blends religion and fantasy into a new genre. It tells of the events leading to the foundation of the Alien Corps and their quest to find a new messiah on distant planets.

If you've ever wondered how the end of the world might come about (minus the zombies) and if you like original science fiction stories filled with action and intrigue, you'll love the Prosperine series. Born Of Fire is the first episode you don't want to miss! (Also available as an audiobook.)

Other books in this scifi fantasy adventure include:

·  The Alien Corps (print, ebook, and audiobook)

What Readers say about Born Of Fire

"This story packs a punch. Absolutely fascinating take on Christianity and the future of religion without being preachy"

"I'm a big fan of apocalyptic fiction, and this story hit the nail on the head."

"Important and intriguing background to a very enjoyable series that's well worth checking out."

Feb 26, 2016

About the author

I was born and bred in Scotland. As a schoolboy, I read Sci-Fi morning, noon, and night reveling in the genius of Asimov, Herbert, Niven, Moorcock, and Le Guin. These days, I love the fantasy novels of Robin Hobb, George Martin, and the modern SF writers, Vaughn Heppner and Alex Weir.  My first book was the highly acclaimed coming-of-age novel, Small Fish Big Fish, now released as Caught in the Long Grass. Since then, I've returned to my first love and published mainly Sci-Fi/Fantasy books. The Alien Corps, Rise of the Erlachi, The Scarf and Fractured Prophecy are all part of the Prosperine Series.  My home is Australia, where I live with my wife, two wonderful daughters and grandchildren, Mia, Ryder Patrick, and Ethan.

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Book Preview

Born Of Fire - PJ McDermott

Born Of Fire

(Prelude to the Prosperine Series)

ISBN: 9780994554406

Copyright 2017, 2018, 2019

All rights reserved

PJ McDermott

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: AD 2102

Chapter 2: AD 2095

Chapter 3: Innocent XIV

Chapter 4: The Opening

Chapter 5: AD 2100

Chapter 6: AD 2102

Chapter 7: AD 2103

Chapter 8: AD 2104

Chapter 9: AD 2110

Chapter 10: Earth

Continue the Adventure!

About the Author

Chapter 1: AD 2102

T he Vatican is under attack. Anxiety caused the reporter’s voice to crack and her opening sentence finished with a squeak. Her eyes flicked back and forth between the devastation and the camera lens. She took a deep breath and steadied herself. The initial assault began twenty minutes ago at six pm local time when a missile slammed into the famous balcony from where the pope delivers his Papal blessings. Since that first strike, rockets have continued to rain down on Saint Peter’s, the main target for what is assumed to be a coordinated attack by several terrorist groups. The Sistine Chapel has also suffered extensive damage—

A voice crackled in her earpiece. Jean, Jean Kelly? Can you hear me? This is David in the studio. Is there any news of the pope?

"I can hear you David. Witnesses say Pope Innocent was celebrating mass inside St Peter’s when the attack began. His cardinals, bishops and thousands of tourists and churchgoers would have been with him. There’s been no official word yet on whether the Holy Father is alive or dead, but early reports estimate casualties are in the thousands.

A few minutes ago, the domed roof of Saint Peter’s collapsed and as you can see, the whole structure is now engulfed by flames. It’s an incredible thought that for over six hundred years this building, described as the greatest church in Christendom, has defied many attempts to destroy it and has survived two world wars. But today, there is nothing left. She flinched as an explosion rocked the ground and dust from the roof rained on her head. The camera panned over her shoulder, focusing on the tail of a missile crossing the night sky. A plume of red smoke billowed where it hit the ground.

The correspondent shouted to make herself heard over the cries of those witnessing the destruction. Here, on the balcony of the Waldorf Astoria, the screams of the rockets are terrifying. They’ve been coming in from the north, one salvo after another, every two minutes or so. Jet fighters from the Italian Air Force are doing their best to shoot the missiles down, but for every one they destroy, two others are hitting their target. St Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel—both are in ruins. She paused, wiping her eyes with the back of his hand and leaving a dark smudge across her forehead.

Police, firefighters and other emergency workers are digging through the rubble looking for survivors even as the rockets continue to bombard the area.

The reporter turned to face the blazing city. The extent of the destruction is hard to comprehend. The people, the historic buildings, the irreplaceable masterpieces by Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael...all...gone.

She paused, listening. Her eyes searched the skies, and she moistened her lips. There’s been no attacks in the last few minutes...perhaps the madness has ended.

Chapter 2: AD 2095

(seven years previously)

Talya Candemir flicked the sweat from her brow and watched it sizzle on the rock. She’d worked without a break since early morning, and it was now after two, the hottest part of the day. Dropping her trowel, she reached for the water bottle and glanced over to where Father Battista scraped at a rocky outcrop. The girl swallowed some of the warm liquid and grinned at the sight of the fat priest on hands and knees, backside wobbling from side to side.

Would you like a drink, Father? Something to eat? It is past our lunch break.

Alberto Battista placed his hands on the small of his back and unwound. He groaned as he thrust his ample stomach forward and climbed stiffly to his feet. "An excellent idea, Talya. If I remain on my knees much longer, even the Lord Bishop would be impressed. Not that he would mind my suffering.

On the contrary, I rather think he would consider the penance good for my soul—but he would be offended by my lack of consideration for your wellbeing. His eyes crinkled. Let’s move out of the sun for a few minutes. It’s too hot here for this old man.

Talya indicated an opening in the rock face behind her. Shall we take advantage of Josiah’s resting place, Father? The tomb of the prominent sixth-century gnostic promised relief in its shade.

I don’t think he will mind, and it will be cool inside.

The archaeologist-priest hobbled across the hot sandy soil and

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