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Quagmire's Test: Gnometopia, #1

Length: 138 pages2 hours


While on a journey to find the final ingredient for her Practically Perfect Parsley Potion, Quagmire Pinch, has a misstep and tumbles down a cliff drawing the attention of a group of  gnomes and discovers that in the past their king has killed any and all witches who have stumbled upon his hidden kingdom.

            She earns the trust of her newfound friends, who allow her to join them in their gem mine.  Trying to help, she offers a reluctant cart-pulling mine rat a treat, causing it to stampede and break a cart wheel.  She is seen fixing the wheel by a rather unscrupulous gnome who is spying on her.

            When the king finds out she is a witch, she is thrown into the dungeon.  While there, she discovers a diary within a wall detailing the imprisonment of another witch the king had imprisoned very long ago and revealing the king is a usurper.  She devises a plan and eventually makes a bargain with the false king to feed his vanity and is released.  A spell for him goes awry and a war begins. Will the rightful king be able to take his place to rule Gnometopia?

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