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Friendship's Wake: A Novella

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Melissa is a prim, appearance orientated social climber. Ally a neurotic know-it-all chatter box. Dizzy is sharp and straight talking career woman. Emma is a blunt, friendly girl next door and Ruby is a soft sensitive soul who always wants everything to be alright. Friends from childhood, these five, now very different women find themselves no longer being able to remain connected to each other because of their shared youth. Growing increasingly apart their monthly meetings are becoming nothing more than the rehashing of childhood memories. Leading up to a gathering each woman must come to terms with each relationship from her past and lay to rest that which can no longer serve her future. Are childhood friendship bonds unbreakable? Does time determine the value of a friendship? Or is there merit in honouring the passing of what no longer works at a friendship’s wake? Honest, funny and relatable the story weaves through the lives of five women stretching their wings to find the truth of who they really are

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