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Catch Me If You Can: North Pole, Alaska, #7

Length: 169 pages5 hours


Child psychiatrist Dr. Ingrid Roth has kept herself aloof from the residents of North Pole. She knows she’s viewed as icy and unapproachable, but she’s too busy and still too raw from an abusive past to want to get close to anyone.

North Pole’s hottest bachelor, fun-loving veterinarian Moses Lazlow, isn’t buying Ingrid’s ice woman persona. Underneath the sharp humor and tight control, he sees a funny, sensual woman waiting to be sprung free.

Pursued by Moses into a chaotic world of passion, new friends and old slobbery dogs, Ingrid feels her protective shell cracking around her. But can she trust Moses who claims she’s the catch of a lifetime? Or is he still just enjoying the chase?

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