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Tales of the Arcane: 0316

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Tales of the Arcane is a monthly collection of short stories by those with a love for the art of story craft - both amateur and professional writers. The Tales will be mainly themed in the genre of the supernatural, though will cover a host of genres with changing short stories; or the continuation of longer stories as told in a serial chapter format.

These works have been created by members of an online community, The Arcane Light, and endeavors to promote the written word and story-crafting by giving those wanting to develop their own writing style an outlet for their creativity.

In this issue:

Silken Whispers - Casefile: The Butterfly
The continuation of previous chapters, as the ladies of Silken Whispers Artefact Recovery Agency pursue their new job in the South Pacific. After seemingly finding what they seek, danger strikes as the ghostly hand of a seventy-year dead warrior reaches out from beyond the veil of death to strike back with unrelenting vengeance.

Teeko Tales; The Tale of Mr. Eric Garner
A man's strange encounter with a secret world leads him into the arms of the law, and a mysterious benefactor.

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