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Worlds Away: The Interstellar Age, #3
Worlds Away: The Interstellar Age, #3
Worlds Away: The Interstellar Age, #3
Ebook429 pages

Worlds Away: The Interstellar Age, #3

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

Worlds Away (The Interstellar Age Book 3)


For a thousand years the Kulsat Armada has ravaged the galaxy searching for the lost legacy of an extinct race of technologically advanced beings. They destroy anyone who gets in their way.


Now they have turned their attention to Earth and are gathering their forces for an invasion.


Justine, Michael and Alex each hold a key to stopping the enemy, but they are worlds away from each other, and they are running out of time...


The Interstellar Age
Forbidden the Stars
Music of the Spheres
Worlds Away


The Complete Trilogy

Release dateApr 6, 2016
Worlds Away: The Interstellar Age, #3
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Valmore Daniels

Valmore Daniels has lived on the coasts of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic Oceans, and dozens of points in between. An insatiable thirst for new experiences has led him to work in several fields, including legal research, elderly care, oil & gas administration, web design, government service, human resources, and retail business management. His enthusiasm for travel is only surpassed by his passion for telling tall tales.

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