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Subdued Memories - Mrs. (Elizabeth ) Marlene Leconte

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I am confident that the book will bring new insights to the reader. It was prefaced to strengthen the kind of relationship needed to come to a closer relationship with God. It will also help improve your relationship with your brothers and your sisters in Christ, and the relationship that you will have with your country. It is paralleled to its contents and it will take you to some new dimensions and to an extraordinary relationship with the Creator. It is an old story which is being told by a generation who is on fire for Jesus, and who is empowered by the Holy Spirit to bring a new revelation to a hungry spiritual world.

Part 1

As a tidy wave tilting over the ocean a transient last piece of tranquil silent waters; I found myself in Newport Beach by the shores of California. On a fatality, indeed I was drifting solely under the shadow of the God almighty. My solitary refuge had become a recluse. My future was at random and unplanned. What rapport do I have with this side of town? I am the only colored woman in my neighborhood. Perhaps, I was waiting for the fatal waves of destiny to wipe me away along the shores. I was in a shaky marriage without ecstasy waiting for its destiny. On base, with my children who were still of school ages now facing new surroundings. Can you envisage this atmosphere which was about to overturn my plans? A feeling of discontent permeated my soul with issue of was my husband. Should I return to New York or should I warrant this change?

I came to Newport Beach to close on a house with my family. Why did I let him return to New York alone? A feeling of self sacrifice or perhaps I was avoiding the consequences of returning to a conflicted situation and concluded that the best thing for me was to remain in California. I found some optimism when I found Jesus in the midst of many conflicted situations. It is in our greatest solitary moments that we will find Jesus. I was in a place where no one is there to distract me. I had accepted to involve the Savior in my life. I really wanted a secular lifestyle; a life of prayer was not what I had in mind indeed they are sorrowful moments. I had depicted the results which incited me to keep the Bible radio as my hobby. This Bible broadcasting radio was my best way to get closer to Jesus. At last I was going to find something positive to keep me going.

I became happier. I was enthusiastic, I took Bible studies and the more I studied the more interesting it became. I have been a Catholic and I did not even know that the first book of the Bible was Genesis. Shame on me for the things that I did not know and believe. And meanwhile, I found out that the church that I was attending had bestowed some psychic powers. There were dreams that I had in the middle of the night which have been manifested during my daily encounter with people. How would I know in advance what was going to happen during the day if I did not have any psychic powers? The purpose of being empowered by the Holy Spirit had permeated through my mind. Who can empower me with such Spirit if it‘s not God Himself? Sometimes, I feel like it is the church where I was attending had this power. I might not know the real source of this power. But who is willing to give power to man but God?

I remember when I was attending one of their seminars this question was posed about the glory of the Father I thought I really had the answer and I said: Everlasting life, this was not the answer indeed I missed one hundred percent of the time. The right answer was indeed the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

Does the church use psychic power to empower people? I hope that the answer is No. The church will never take from the devil to give to God or, is the church trying to take from the devil to give to God? What is the expression "Take back what the devil stole means to you? To me, it sounds like the church is trying to fight God when God had already sentenced man to sickness, death, temptation, suffering as a result of Adam and Eve‘s sin.

Jeremiah 52:11 as it says, Depart! Depart! Go out from there; touch no unclean things. Come out of it - and be pure you, who carry the vessels of the lord, but you will not leave in haste or go in flight; for the lord will go before you the God of Israel will be your rear guard. Ever since I left the Catholic Church I found it difficult to find another church. When I got baptized in the Baptist church I felt compelled to do the right thing. I want to combine the Catholic Church with the Bible churches; I feel that is where one will find wholeness, only if these churches were unified. I kept in communion with Jesus as I was searching for the truth.

In fact, the invisible is not easy to find, when you have a personal relationship with Jesus, it is the work of the Holy Spirit. Some people become envious. God comes only to those who are searching and desire a personal relationship.

In Newport Beach, I found some people who wanted to use my ideas. Their motives were not to help me. I could not find a mentor. Some people whom I were close with and I attended Bible school had left for leadership positions abroad. A couple who held the same certificate was sent as an educator to the Philippines. Nonetheless, I was not even offered a praise team ministry. They in turn used other people and they had ignored my qualifications even though I was able to serve in that capacity. I had adopted the passage of Ephesians 5:19, 20 Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, Sing and make music to your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I think this is a good way to stay away from trouble in the church environment. If anyone wants to imply you in any gossip, you will be blameless. It is not peculiar to change a conversation implying the words of God instead of perpetuating an atmosphere of gossips. They were discriminations in town but the churches were welcoming everyone. The discrimination was not obvious in that environment. I had to pray to find a good home church but God takes time to answer to prayers, this is why some people don’t pray.

Perhaps they are looking for quick answers. Some people are very envious because they have not yet entered that personal relationship with Jesus. Some people will give you a hard time because evil is all around the church too.

Suppose that their motives were to flirt with the preacher, nonetheless they will think that you are there for the same reason. God comes to people who need him. This is why He came to the lost sheep of Israel. The Israelites were oppressed by the Egyptians God had