The Weapon: The Hourglass Series, #2

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The Weapon: The Hourglass Series, #2

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Length: 210 pages3 hours


Second book in the Hourglass series:

One hundred years ago the world’s population was decimated by new, horrifying diseases, destroying cities and toppling governments. A new world government, the Collective, was established. This soon split into two factions: the Covenant and the Accord. Differing in their opinion on how they should manage the disease, they waged war. 

The disease petered out. 

The war never ended. 

This is Sarah’s world. She is fourteen years old. 

Behind both the Covenant and the Accord exists the Hourglass Group. Responsible for manufacturing the vast majority of weapons for both sides of the conflict, the Group is more powerful than either of the warring parties. 

Sarah has their logo burnt onto her shoulder. She doesn’t know why. 

A simple misunderstanding with a stolen pie leads to Sarah’s incarceration in a juvenile prison ship. It should have been easy. Keep your head down. Do your time. Get out. But the Hourglass Group had other plans. Plans that included illegally kidnapping the inmates for use in weapon experimentation. Sarah, along with her friends Finn and Marland, managed to escape the clutches of the Hourglass Group with the help of one of the prison guards. Just before the prison guard died, he told Sarah that she was the key to ending the war. She had to be, he had said. After all, she had the scar.

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