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His Tempting Bride: The Brides of Paradise Ranch - Spicy Version, #5

170 pages2 hours


(Please note that this is the spicy version of Miriam: The Tempting Bride)

Miriam Long has been running for her whole life—running from her sinful past, running from her shameful mistakes, and running from the guilt of chickening out of her one chance to start over. But now, several hard months after refusing to get off the train and marry the man who had sent for her as a mail-order bride, Miriam finds herself in Haskell, Wyoming once more. Only this time, more lives than just hers are at stake.

Cody Montrose is instantly smitten with the fun and flirty woman he meets by chance at Haskell’s train station…until he learns that the object of his temptation is the very bride who stood him up. Anger battles with desire as the two of them struggle with the disaster that should have been their union months ago.

But there’s more to worry about than their complex romance. Miriam has come to town with a traveling troupe of gypsy performers, and if they can’t sing for their supper, they will all starve. In true Haskell style, the town rallies behind them, but is it enough to save the day and to rekindle the romance that both Miriam and Cody missed out on before?


If you would like to read this story without any “scenes,” check out Miriam: The Tempting Bride.

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