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Isle of the Druids: Ogwen the Dreamweaver

190 pages3 hours


Ogwen, healer and wise woman, waits and watches on the Druid Isle. Gethin Du and his band of brigands are on their way for trial at Deva but will they reach their destination? Ogwen, recovering from a heart attack brought on by her trial for murder of her daughter, falls foul of one of the Druid priestesses. The Druid Isle becomes a prison for her but she forms a deep attachment while there. Will the Druid judge, Coelbren, recover? Bryn and Ioan may be brothers but their destinies are lifetimes apart. Neither of them anticipate the terrible ending for their mother, Einir. Ogwen's future is in doubt. Her psychic powers are needed for Dreamweaving but what she sees brings fear. There is much trouble in the lands in the north of the Cymru. Even the brigands sent for trial in Deva cause more trouble. And back at Dinas camp, just when everyone is settling down to a hot summer, terror strikes.

This is the middle book of the When Mountains Fall Trilogy.

‘I love her stories – full of magic and healing.’ R.W

'I enjoyed this book and I shall certainly read the other two in the trilogy.' AJSW

'fantastic story, great characters - a must read.' RANG

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