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Alfie: Learns When Poo Just Isn't Cool Anymore

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Alfie is the only battery factory in the district. He makes all shapes and sizes of batteries for the local shops.
Alfie knew children used his batteries to have fun, so only used the best, the cleanest and the healthiest fuel to make them - with very little waste.
One day the Factory Manager told Alfie he was doing so well at making batteries, which had more energy than any other, they decided to sell his batteries all over the world.
This made Alfie a very big factory indeed!
However, how will Alfie learn to control the waste, just like all the other big factories?

This book introduces the concept of personal awareness and helps children with toilet training.
This story is told as a metaphor to read aloud to children and enjoy together.
The vibrant illustrations and use of language draws children in to be part of the adventure, gently guiding them alongside the characters to get the message on a more personal level for them, to make their own meanings and take control of their own life situation - in their own way.
Story Suitable For 3-6 Year Olds

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