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Mind-Shattering Ideas: The 15 Biggest Commonalities to Success

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When was the last time you read a quote that changed everything?

Through the centuries, countless leaders have immortalized their wisdom through timeless quotes that we tell and retell today. These brief pieces of thought have the power to revolutionize our thinking long after the speakers themselves are dead and buried.

But what’s the story behind the quote? What was the struggle that produced it? Who was the person who uttered it?

In Mind-Shattering Ideas: The 15 Biggest Commonalities to Success, G. M. Cunha takes readers on a behind the scenes exploration of 15 famous quotes and the stories that immortalized them. From Aristotle to Isaac Newton to Oprah Winfrey, Cunha provides a swift, practical yet comprehensive overview of the speakers’ lives, struggles, and timeless insights.

With historical insight, modern application, and futuristic vision, this collection is the perfect manual for those seeking to learn from the wisdom of history’s most timeless thoughts and thinkers. You don’t want to miss this unique, fascinating work from acclaimed author Gonçalo Cunha.

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