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Love, Grace, and the Outcome of Unappreciated Mercy: Reflections on the Prophecies of Jonah, Zephania, and Nahum

Length: 122 pages2 hours


When Jonah found himself alive in the belly of the great fish, he knew the mercy of God. He cried out in repentance, acknowledging his failure to obey God. Jonah tried to rule his own destiny, and it nearly cost him everything.

Jonah survived to carry God’s message to the people of Nineveh. Over the next 150 years, two more prophets, Zephaniah and Nahum, would repeat the task. But would the people of Nineveh—the Washington, D.C., of its time—heed the Lord’s warning and repent?

This book examines the danger of falling into the damnation of unappreciated mercy, especially by not maintaining an appreciative attitude towards God. And in some ways, it also tells us to be appreciative of the love, grace, and mercy we share in our relationships with each other.

“A good exposition of the book of Jonah, appropriate for warning our generation to turn away from evil now and turn to the God of Heaven and Earth to avert His wrath.”

—Dr. John Atumonyogo, Minister, RCCG Holy Pilgrim

“This book elucidates the intricate connection between Love, Grace, and the Outcome of Unappreciative Mercy.

—Pastor Joseph Oloruntola, RCCG Holy Pilgrim

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