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If the thought of bikinis on the beach, cherry red latex miniskirts, or bare shoulders in the backseat make your heart race and your hands wander—don’t stop now, because Soaking Wet is bound to keep the dirty fun rolling. Whether they’re in pursuit of a new conquest or in the safety of their longtime lover’s arms, the women in Soaking Wet are interested in one thing and one thing only: satisfying their deepest, most insistent desires. In this scintillating collection of lesbian erotica, the women are hot and the sex is hotter. A private wet T-shirt contest passes the time on a scorching afternoon in “Just Another Day at the Beach,” by Rachel Kramer Bussel. A female cop’s girlfriend discovers her exhibitionist streak when they get caught in the backseat of their car by a fellow officer in Sophie Mouette’s “Busted.” Lee Cairney’s “Cruising” tells the provocative story of a woman posing as a man on the prowl but gets more than she expected in an encounter with someone like herself. These stories and other lust-filled tales in Soaking Wet are sure to grab you and hold on tight until the earthshaking, lip-quivering end.
Published: Cleis Press on
ISBN: 9781573447317
List price: $3.99
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Soaking Wet - Alex Algren

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Rachel Kramer Bussel

It was the middle of summer, and my girlfriend Jill and I had taken a long weekend to relax and enjoy the sun, and each other. Our jobs don’t cut us much slack, so it was mid-August before we had our first real chance to get away. She’d never been to the beach with me so she had no clue what to expect. She probably thought she’d simply slather on some cocoa butter, indulge in a meaty paperback, and swim till she became exhausted. She’d be exhausted, all right, by the end of the day—but not from sitting around. We’d borrowed our friend’s keys to the secluded, members-only beach, so our privacy would be guaranteed.

I settled into my chair and watched as she went through her elaborate beach ritual, her body snug in her new Pucci print bikini, pushing her tits out until you’d have to be blind not to see them. She slowly oiled herself, moving up one arm, down the next, all over her exposed chest and cute stomach. She bent forward, treating me to a view of her perfect ass as she slathered the white liquid onto her toes, ankles, and calves. I had to shift dp n=6 folio=2 ? in my seat as she kept going, her brow furrowed as she tried to get every last spot, contorting this way and that as her hand reached behind to get her back. Seeing her ass sticking right out in front of me, so perfect she could be a model, I sat on my hands in order not to reach out and squeeze those precious cheeks. Usually when she bends over like that, it’s so I can give her a nice, hard smack.

I crossed my legs in the chair and felt my pussy contract. Watching her is my favorite spectator sport. She loves to tan, and often steals a few hours of sun on our roof in the mornings. In preparation for this outing, she’d tried on swimsuit after swimsuit, modeling the barely-there materials that accentuated every bulging, glistening curve.

I had opted for a simple black one-piece, a low-maintenance suit that doesn’t cause me any trouble and still emphasizes the right parts of my body. I held back a smile as I watched Jill twist and turn to rub lotion on her back, first going over her shoulder, then behind her and around. I had plans to keep her on her back for most of the afternoon, but she didn’t need to know that yet. Come here, I beckoned, and she did, sheepishly handing me the bottle. I had her sit between my legs and lean forward, then poured a healthy amount of lotion onto her back and started kneading it in, not simply rubbing but pounding it into her with my palms. As I pressed harder and harder, my hands roaming from her shoulder blades to the small of her back, she let out a moan. I pushed her head down and squeezed the back of her neck, pinching and pressing that delicate skin. I brought all my weight to bear, focusing on her neck and shoulders, feeling her go limp. I knew she was getting turned on, but I pretended not to and went about my business until her back was fully slathered with sunscreen.

I skimmed my fingertips down her back, lightly tickling her, dp n=7 folio=3 ? then whispered into her ear, You didn’t really need so much sunscreen on your back, you know. I don’t think it’ll be facing the sun for too long today…though I could be wrong. She turned her head and squinted at me but didn’t say a word. She knew exactly what I meant, and I in turn knew that she’d agree to whatever I asked of her. That arrangement’s worked quite well for the eight months we’d been together, and neither of us has stopped getting a little thrill of arousal when I give her an order. Put on the sun mask, I told her, liking how this toy doubled as a blindfold. It’s better for her to be slightly surprised, I thought, to have to wait in the darkness before I ravished her. I let her lie out in the sun for half an hour, let it beam its searing rays down on her, at the hottest time of day, her eyes hidden behind the mask. Finally, my timer buzzed and I dragged