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A Search for Love is a story about the search for that elusive emotion, "Love." Twenty-eight-year-old Matt Matthews is the number one DJ in Harrisburg, PA, who goes on to become a famous television personality in New York City. Although Matt's professional life is a success, it is the opposite in his love life. He goes out with a lot of women, each one presenting different and interesting sexual encounters, but nothing more. Out of all these failed relationships, he finally finds the love of his life, only to nearly lose her, when she goes to jail for perpetrating a Ponzi scheme. During that time, they enjoy conjugal visits, but after being released she flees the country. Matt has to decide if giving up almost everything in his life to find her, is worth the risk.
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A Search for Love - Lee Dorsey

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Chapter 1


Someone once wrote, A woman has to kiss a lot of ‘toads’ before she finds a Prince. I guess I’m one of those toads. I’m patiently waiting for the right woman to kiss me before I find love.

My name is Matt Matthews. This is my story. In 1980, I was the number one disc jockey in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I was twenty-eight years old. I was the on a fast track professionally. I made a good salary. I had great digs. Life was perfect. I never had trouble getting women. Everyone told me I was better looking than the average guy. Needless to say, I had what could be described as a great personality. That explained my success in the broadcasting industry.

I discovered this personality gift during my first semester at college. I was a communications major. The university I attended had a campus radio station. I auditioned. I was given an On the Air slot three evenings a week. After a month of doing a request show, my personality began to blossom. The station management got so many complimentary comments on my performance; they moved me to five nights a week. The word spread.

The radio station broadcast to the community as well as the campus. A manager of a commercial FM Station happened to tune into my show one evening. He called me when I got off the air and inquired if I would be interested in doing a rendition of the campus show on weekends at his station. That was my first commercial broadcasting job. I was only a freshman in college.

Over the next three years, I became known as one of the best DJ’s in the greater Boston area. In my senior year, I had three offers from commercial radio stations. I took the best offer. It turned out to be in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. That was five years ago. I knew right away this was my calling in life. It was what I was destined to do. I had everything. Life was great.

Then one day it happened. I was sitting at a traffic light in my new expensive sport car, minding my own business and WHAM! I was hit from behind. For a moment, I didn’t move. Although, I felt a sharp pain go up my back, I just sat there, confused. I was wondering what I should do next. That’s when Debra came into my life. She was standing outside my car looking in through the window at me. For the moment, I thought I was dreaming. There was this beautiful woman peering at me with a look of pity in her eyes. I was sure if there was a Heaven, I had arrived. I rolled the window down.

The first thing she said was, I don’t have any insurance.

That didn’t make my back feel any better.

The accident was my fault. I’ll pay for the damage in monthly installments.

Through my pain, however, I did take note again that Debra was an unusually attractive woman. Like most above average women, they have a knack of getting away with a lot more than the average person. She gave me her name, address and phone number, and we went on our separate ways.

I went to the doctor the next day. He diagnosed my condition as whiplash. He put me into one of those collars that keep your head from moving. The doctor said under no circumstance should I lift anything that would put a strain on my back and neck. He reiterated it may take up to a year for my back and neck to completely heal. The doctor also prescribed a muscle relaxant. The only thing the medication did, in my opinion, was make me sleepy. So I discontinued taking it after a few days.

Now at this time, I was seeing several sexy women. Women would call me while I was on the air. All of the women I was seeing had their own little sexual specialties.

There was Donna. Donna was brunette and extremely well built. Donna loved going down on me. I would no sooner show up at her house than she would begin undoing my pants and kneeling down in front of me. The intensity of the orgasms I would experience with Donna’s oral manipulations was incredible. Although some of the other women would perform fellatio on me, none of them were in the same league with Donna.

Then there was Carole. Carole was a gorgeous red head. She introduced me to anal sex. After we’d had sex one evening, she looked me in the eye and said, The next time we have sex, I want you to do me anally. Every time we had sex after that, Carole would insist that it be anal. Although several of my other women engaged in anal sex, none of them seemed to enjoy it as much as Carole.

One beauty named Kathy was of Polish extraction. She had blond hair, blue eyes and was a great lover. Kathy would do everything in the Kama Sutra.

I would divide my time among these and several other women. At that time, my philosophy was variety is the spice of life. Then I made a big mistake.

A few days after the accident, I called Debra. I asked her to have dinner with me. It was under the guise of discussing the terms of her paying me. Of course, that was just a pretext to get to know her better. I couldn’t get her out of my mind. After that dinner, I moved Debra to the top of my dating list. I began to see her on a regular basis. Now, as everyone who is reading this knows, that may be equated to stepping into relationship quicksand. I was sinking fast. My initial sole purpose was to add Debra to my stable of women. I wanted to discover her sexual specialty.

I had developed a technique of getting women in bed. But none of those tactics seemed to work with Debra. One evening, after a night of wining and dining her, I took her back to my apartment. After several glasses of wine, she became mildly intoxicated. I managed to move her to the bedroom. I deposited her on my bed. This is it, I thought. I’m going to score. Boy was I wrong. I managed to get her panties down and I passionately began to kiss her thighs. I moved to her vulva. She was showing signs she liked what I was doing. I concentrated on her clit. She had an enormous orgasm. I moved up on her, but she closed her legs. She refused to allow me entrance.

My first thought was she liked what I had previously done. I moved back down on her. She was experiencing enormous pleasure. Her legs were open wide. Her clit was swollen from my massaging it with my hand. My tongue titillated her vulva folds. I felt confident; it was just going to be a matter of time before she allowed my penis to find its mark. Once again, I moved up to mount her. Once again, she denied me entrance. I finally asked her, Is there something wrong?

I want to save that part of our sexual experience until later. I want it to be at a time when we have more of a commitment.

Then she pulled up her panties and went into the bathroom. I was completely frustrated and angry as well, but I managed to sustain my composure. With my experience, I knew I could work through this setback. After a few minutes, she came out. She requested that I take her home.

It goes without saying; I was as frustrated and confused as I have ever been. I kept telling myself to stay calm. She was the most difficult challenge I had ever experienced in all of my twenty-eight years. She would let me go so far, but refused to give me satisfaction. Yes, I was frustrated and mildly angry. She wouldn’t have known it from my demeanor. I packed her up and took her home. I didn’t know it at the time, but she was playing a game for higher stakes.

After dropping Debra off, I drove over to Kathy’s house. She enjoyed having sex as much as me. Kathy was game for everything and anything. I arrived at her house at one o’clock in the morning. She answered the door in her bathrobe and escorted me to her bed. Then she dropped the bathrobe, exposing her exquisite body. She began to undress me. I sat on the side of the bed and she knelt in front of me. She took my cock in her hand and began to manipulate it. Then she inserted it in her mouth and began to suck it with an in-and-out motion. It was everything I could do not to orgasm. I put my hands under her arms and moved her onto the bed. I wanted to enter her from behind. Kathy always kept a tube of K-Y lubricant on her night table. I applied a generous amount on my penis. Then I applied it to her anus and vagina. First, I inserted my cock into her vagina. I moved in and out in a rapid motion until she had an orgasm. Then I entered her anus. She made some muffled sounds which indicated she was experiencing a different kind of orgasm. All the time, I manipulated her clit. After a few minutes of this manipulation, Kathy squirted a stream of liquid from her vagina all over the bed as she screamed in delight. We continued having sex for the next two hours. Finally, we both collapsed in sexual exhaustion. Due to the hour, I spent the night at Kathy’s. I was required to be on the air at seven o’clock in the morning. I dragged myself out of bed at six, showered, dressed and got to the radio station with one minute to spare. It was a long four hours on the air that day.

Night after night, I continued to see Debra. I used every trick I had in my repertoire to get her to satisfy me sexually. Nothing worked. I was having trouble understanding what I was doing wrong. In the past, I would wine and dine my date. Then I would get them intoxicated in order to lower their inhibitions, and then it was back to my apartment and my bed. The final clincher that always worked was having them believe they were each the only woman in my life. I learned early on that women like to have an exclusive relationship.

I gave all the women I was involved with a special word that belonged to only them. When they would hear me say that word on the air, they knew I was thinking of them. The word I gave Debra was tonight. She would know I was going to see her that evening. I wanted her to be thinking about what I was hoping we would eventually be doing. However, every date with Debra was a repeat of the last one. I would have little trouble getting her into the bedroom and she would let me go down on her, but it would always end there. Nothing I did worked. I was getting nowhere.

I’d never had a woman like Debra. She became an obsession. I was determined though. I kept dating her. It had become a personal challenge. I am going to do this, I thought. I haven’t been that determined about a project since elementary school when I won first place at the science fair.

That was my second big mistake.

Christmas was fast approaching. I asked Debra one evening to suggest a present. She said she would like a diamond ring. I had only been dating her for two months and our sex life was limited to my performing cunnilingus on her. Under those circumstances, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to continue my relationship with her. Especially considering the frustration she was putting me through. I told her I didn’t think a diamond ring would be appropriate considering the short time we had been dating. But she immediately clarified her suggestion. She said it would only be accepted as a Christmas present, and nothing more. In my mind, that made everything all right.

That was my third big mistake.

On Christmas day, I was invited by Debra’s to her parent’s house to meet the family. My mother once told me I was way too naïve when it came to judging the motivations of my friends. Debra’s parents had a house located in an Italian ethnic neighborhood. When I rang the doorbell, this big Italian guy who impressed me as a soldier in the mafia, answered the door. He escorted me back into this crush of Italian humanity, most of which were speaking the language one would hear in Sicily. Once again, my naiveté was overcome by my attraction to Debra. I didn’t have a clue what was about to happen to me.

There were at least a hundred people of all shapes and sizes, young and old, in attendance. Debra’s family tradition was for everyone to sit around in a big circle and exchange presents. Of course, the other part of that tradition was to comment every time a present opened. It took hours. I must tell you, it was painful. Since I was the newest addition to this tradition, I was the last person to present my Christmas gift. Now remember, I had accepted Debra’s explanation it would only be accepted as a token gift.

Debra opened the ring box. She displayed the diamond ring to the family. Suddenly, and before any explanation could be offered, I was being congratulated and queried for a marriage date. Everyone was looking at me expecting an answer. I was dead in the water. There was nowhere to go but to accept their congratulations. Her brothers, who were about the size of NFL football linebackers, were the first to offer their approval. Wedding plans were immediately being discussed.

Debra looked at me and shrugged her shoulders as if to say, I’m okay with this, if you are?

I thought what the hell! Debra was a beautiful woman and she might be an asset to my career. In addition, I’ll finally get between her legs where I’ve been fantasizing for the last two months. I would like to say here, there’s one thing about Italians, they don’t waste any time when it comes to marrying off their daughters.

Things happened fast. A June wedding was set. The details of the wedding were very ethnic. The ceremony was conducted in a Catholic Cathedral. After the wedding, we proceeded to an expensive hotel to have the reception. That party must have cost her father sacco di soldo. It was like a scene out of the Godfather film. Everyone gave us envelopes filled with money. We collected several thousand dollars. Her father, however, demanded I give him the envelopes to offset the cost of the wedding. So much for the wedding presents. Then, later that night, we drove to the Poconos where I had made reservations for our honeymoon.

When we arrived at the hotel, we were introduced to Douglas. Douglas was a bell boy at the hotel. He was a short little man who couldn’t have weighed more than a hundred and fifty pounds soaking wet. We were escorted to our room by Douglas. I learned later he had been employed there for five years. Douglas preceded us into the room carrying our bags. As everyone knows, it’s customary after every American wedding to carry the bride across the threshold. Of course, if you are recuperating from whiplash, it’s not a good idea.

Debra was a very solid one hundred and twenty-five pounds. That was about one hundred pounds more than I should have been carrying, considering the condition of my back.

I must have gotten about two steps into the room with Debra in my arms, when a pain went up my back that could be equated to what a woman experiences in child birth. I dropped Debra on the floor. I reached behind me to support my back. Simultaneously, I let out a scream one would hear if he was witnessing a lion finishing off one of its prey. Douglas helped Debra from the floor. Then both of them assisted me into nearest chair. I can’t believe this is happening, I said, with a certain amount of pain in my voice.

Here I am on my honeymoon, and my first fear was I wasn’t going to be in any condition to consummate the marriage. Debra had decided early on she wouldn’t rush into a sexual relationship. After we got engaged, and after lot of discussion, Debra finally convinced me sex was something that should come after we were married. At this point, our relationship was only eight months old.

Douglas, would you mind getting me some ice for my back? Douglas proceeded to put the bags in the bedroom. Then he announced he would be right back.

Debra was completely enthralled with the suite. Oh, honey, this place is dreamy.

It was one of those typical honeymoon suites in the Poconos with the heart shaped tubs and beds. It had a mirror on the ceiling over the bed. The rest of the suite was decorated in a bordello like fashion. There were a lot of red hearts that reminded me of an overdone valentine card.

I’m going to powder my nose. She picked up her purse and went into the bathroom.

At about the same time Douglas returned with the ice. Douglas, do you think you can get the air conditioning working? It’s a little stuffy in here. Douglas began to search the room for a thermostat. After a few seconds I said, You know who I am, don’t you?

Sure, you’re Mr. Matthews. It says so on your reservation.

No, who I really am, I said. What I do for a living?

I’m sorry; sir, but I don’t have a clue.

Putting on my radio voice, I’m Matt Matthews from WHPA radio. I wanted to impress him that he had a celebrity in his hotel.

Douglas was star struck. He couldn’t believe the top DJ in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania was actually staying at his hotel. Can I have your autograph? I can hardly wait to tell the rest of the staff.

I don’t think that’s a good idea. Let’s just keep this between you and me.

Whatever you say, Mr. Matthews, it will be our little secret.

At that moment, I didn’t realize how many encounters I would be having with Douglas in the coming years. I let Douglas go about his work getting the air-conditioning working. I picked up the phone and called the radio station. Tom Toledo was another DJ who worked with me. I considered Tom my best friend. He knew everything about me. I trusted him with my life. He had known for over a year I had been dating a sexy blond named Kathy. Tom answered the phone on the first ring.

Hello Tom. This is Matt... Yes, I’m on my honeymoon. We got here a few minutes ago. How’s everything back at the station? ... That’s great! Did I get any calls? I looked back at the bedroom and spoke in a whisper. "You know…calls. All right, do you want me to say it? I looked back toward the bedroom again. Did Kathy call? ... Look, Tom, it’s the business we’re in. Just because I’m married doesn’t mean I