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The Bullet Makes The Man: Spine chilling, Salacious, Romance

Length: 225 pages3 hours


Life for Raygan O’Conner as a single mother in Calabasas has been very trying over the years. With the loss of her parents when she was only 17 and then the tragic death of her twin brother 3 years ago she has felt very alone. Her brother’s death still remains unsolved which means Raygan has not had any closure.

One cold rainy night her path crosses with a man she has been fantasizing about for the past year. Trey Nichols is a powerful man known for his ruthless reputation as a ‘gun for hire’. Raygan is torn between believing the rumors about Trey, or finding out for herself who he really is.

Trey has an extremely dark past that he keeps hidden deep down in his sub conscious. He suffers from chronic PTSD and chooses to rather ‘numb’ his emotions than deal with them. His emotionless state makes him the ultimate killing machine. But can Raygan help Trey feel true emotions again without risking her own life, or the life of her child, knowing that Trey’s mental instability is the most dangerous thing about him?

Raygan and Trey embark on an emotional journey so dangerous yet so addictive. Raygan being so innocent to the world Trey lives in, finds herself in situations that haunt her mentally and physically. With an attempt already been made on her life and insurmountable evidence stacking up against Trey in the murder of her brother she is flung into the middle of a conflicting emotional battle. Trey’s dark internal demons start to surface, but is Raygan powerful enough to fight them, on a physical level? Is her love and devotion for Trey strong enough for the truth?

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