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For the Love of Helen

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This Book is about a relationship I experienced with a woman named Helen. This all occurred three decades ago. But the influence on my life since was astronomical, At that time I was involved in a very loving stable relationship with another woman and not only that we had a planned a vacation together, and payed for it, we were seriously considering getting married, and then Helen came into my life, like a bolt of lightning, and I’d spent some amazing beautiful, electrifying, (seriously) intimate moments with her, she sent shivers through my body as she stroked it with her fingers, the actual lovemaking was out of this world, and has never been close to been equaled.I was broken hearted when we finished, and it took me years to get over her. I eventually form a great relationship with another woman who shared an amazing number of years with me in New York, and had planned to marry, But I would then receive a Valentine Card, and the writing was familiar, it looked like Helens, but signed by someone else.

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