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Hidden City: The Secret Alleys, Courts & Yards of London's Square Mile

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An insider's guide to the many hidden nooks and crannies of London, and the fascinating stories behind them, with a foreword by the Lord Mayor of LondonThe real London is often to be found not in its more famous streets and squares but in the small and obscure places which so many visitors miss. David Long uncovers these forgotten locations and brings to life their fascinating history. The streetscape of London's historic square mile has been evolving for centuries, but the city's busy commercial heart still boasts an extensive network of narrow passages and alleyways, secret squares and half-hidden courtyards. Most are ancient survivors dating back to medieval times or earlier, their colorful and evocative names recalling old taverns, trades, and city traditions. Hidden behind the glass, steel, and stone of the banks and big business, these little corners continue to bear witness to nearly 2,000 years of British history.

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