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350-Prayers for Deliverance from evil Powers and bad Foundations

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This book teaches a believer in Christ that he or she can be called “Zion” and his or her place of prayer as holy “Mount or Mountain”. The author of this book with 25-years experience of successful deliverance prayers have inspirationally; compiled 350-prayers which by faith, holiness and the grace of God sets free every captive from evil powers and family bad-foundations.

Obadiah 1 verse 17: But upon Mount Zion shall be deliverance and there shall be holiness and the house of Jacob shall possess your possessions.

Praying with this book brings deliverance and freedom physically and spiritually, as hands and feet, soul, spirit and body will be totally free to commence speedy restoration and recovery of all lost or stolen possessions. Prayers of this book are multi-faceted and all encompassing to arrest and deal decisively with all evil powers and set a person completely free. Then “and they shall call person, “the city of the Lord”, Zion the Holy of Israel (Isaiah 60 v 14). By this book God has truly arisen to confound the wicked and to have mercy upon you, Zion through His words of prayers of this book; this is your time of favour (Psalm 102 verse 13). Happy times of freedom and favour! Awaits you as a reader praying with this book. Praise Jesus!

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